marriage-games-by-cd-reissMarriage Games is a riveting romantic novel with a little bit of a dark and naughty mix to spice things up. Adam's wife wants only one thing from him - a divorce. And he's ready to sign all the papers for her and even make her the sole owner of their mutual company. But, before he does that, the man wants her to spend 30 days with him in a cottage somewhere in the middle of nowhere and do everything that he tells her to do.

That's right - he wants his wife to be his slave for a whole month. He has always been a dominating kind of man, but he had to hide that part of himself from her when he fell in love half a decade ago. As it turns out, his wife wants to own the business they built together really bad, and that's why she agrees to go to the scary house and do whatever her husband pleases.

Diana will have to completely cut ties with the world she knows and leave it all behind - only for 30 days. She thinks that it'll be easy to just submit her body to her soon-to-be-ex-husband. But what if he makes her heart beat faster? The wife thinks that this is some kind of a ridiculous (and pathetic) attempt to health their long-broken marriage; however, that's not really the case here.

She doesn't know what she just got herself into, but there's no walking away from something like this - not really. Marriage Games will take your breath away and make your heart start pumping like crazy. This is one of those novels that grab your attention from the very beginning and never let go. CD Reiss created one of the most powerful, intriguing and revealing novels of the year, and that means you simply can't miss it! As far as addictive books go, this one is right there on top of the list.

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