Kim Law

Release: 07/2015


Dani had so many big dreams, but, after her mom's tragic passing, she was forced to forget about all of them. She left the big city, the university, and returned to Montana to give her family a helping hand with the cherry farm. And, she wanted to take care of her brothers and be something of a new mother for them.

But now they've grown into adult men, and Dani can move on with her life and go back to chasing her dreams. She wants to conquer NY, the greatest city in the world, and there's nothing that can stop her. But what about an old sweetheart with a masculine body and beautiful eyes? Ben is a highly successful celebrity photographer, and he hasn't been in Montana for at least a couple of years.

He still remembers Dani, the girl that stole his heart after that very special night a long time ago. Soon, he realizes that he's a father to an adorable 4-year-old kid, and her own mom doesn't want anything to do with the girl. That's when he thinks of Montana and the gorgeous cherry farm, the only place in the whole world that feels like home to him.

The Wilde fam has always been kind and generous to him, but it's not easy to be a father these days, so, he'll have to put his heart and mind into raising his newly-found kid. Now, the question is - will he be able to win Dani's heart once again, or are the old flames destined to go out? Montana Cherries is one of those amazing romantic dramas that consume you from the head to the toes and make you both laugh and cry. The book comes with a great story, a wonderful chemistry between the main characters and tons of moving, touching and uplifting moments.

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