Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

Morning-star-epub-mobiDarrow can't live in peace. His enemies start a war with him. The Golds enslaved millions of people, killed his wife, but they never could make Darrow a slave. He wants to fight back. Darrow risks his life and transforms his body accordingly to the standards of Gold society. He fought many battles, he even survives the ruthless competitions that make mightiest warriors. Darrow made an astonishing career, and he waited for enough. It is time to start the revolution. The caste-driven society will be no more.

Darrow with his battle companions will fight most ruthless enemies of all. They will fight even people, they considered friends. There will be no mercy in the end. It is because all sides of conflicts filled with their own truth. They all want to make vengeance.

The road to victory is not the easy one. Darrow must inspire people to break their chains. He must convince them even to try. They must to understand equality of all castes and liberate themselves.

Red Rising: Book I of The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown
Golden Son: Book II Red Rising Trilogy

The army of critics praise the final chapter of The Red Rising Trilogy and even called it trilogy’s Return of the Jedi. The even compare it with Frank Herbert’s Dune. They do that because not only it has the great story and enormously detailed world. The trilogy has everything good literature must have – memorable characters and magnificent writing style of the author.

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