Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Jane-Austen-Northanger-AbbeyCatherine Morland is an unusual heroine of Jane Austen. She is young and virtuous, but not exceptionally beautiful nor particularly elegant, and as the daughter of a clergyman is not a very good match for a future husband. Her main interest is books and their characters, which behaves she often corresponding in the real life.

But one day she turns into a lovely young woman who enchanted the world of men. Her heart beats for the educated, well-bred Henry Tilney, whose sister invites her to a family estate. But an aura of the old estate Northanger Abbey inspires Catherine's imagination: she believes in the existence of a gloomy family secret.

Northanger Abbey has met too little attention from critics, and it is really wrong. Catherine Morland is not Elizabeth Bennet perhaps, but she is no less interesting as a person. And any readers find Henry Tilney very refreshing and even funny person. Especially at the end of the book when he shows itself in its true form when he shows his courage and other talents.

If you like good literature – you can find this book of Jane Austen really enjoyable. The writing style is very interesting – it takes a while to understand its peculiar properties, and then you will like it a lot. This book includes a wonderful and very romantic story. Northanger Abbey should be read by any Austen fan.

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