Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Charles-Dickens-Oliver-Twist"Oliver Twist" (the original English title is "Oliver Twist or The Parish Boy`s Progress") was written by Charles Dickens and published a series between February 1837 and April 1839 in the British journal "Bentley`s Miscellany". Until now this novel is still one the most ironic and sarcastic critique of English society and one of the most important works of world literature.

This book is about the life of the character named Oliver Twist, which grows at the time of the industrial revolution in Great Britain as an orphan in the poorhouse. There he learns about human violence and suffering. People, which should help him officially are mocking him. For this reason, he flees to London to find "his own happiness". But he finds there Sikes and Fagin, two criminals who want him work with them…

In this 415 page novel, which is spread over 53 chapters, Charles Dickens criticise the society of Victorian England through the lives of orphans. He is very faithful to details – it is realism in its pure form. Moreover, the novel has references to Dickens` real life. He also was confronted at an early age by greater poverty and injustice which were projected directly on Oliver. That his father came into the debtors' prison could because of his criticism of the legal system of that time.

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