Gabe had a crush on her since he was a teenage boy, and, even though it's been a while since they last met, he still wants her like crazy. And when Eloise - the one that got away - walked into his fancy tattoo parlor, he knew that was destiny telling them to finally hook up. The girl was just hoping to get a nice piercing, but Gabe wasn't about to let her run away for the second time.

In 7th grade, when the two last saw each other, the man's life was kinda falling apart - he was going through the roughest patch ever. As for Eloise, she still has that innocence in her eyes and a cute ponytail, but everything else about her is different, including that all-grown-up, sexy and delicious body that turns the fella on the second they lock eyes.

There's no point in thinking and talking about the past when they can focus on the present, and if a piercing is what she truly wants then that's what he's going to give her - in more than one way. Eloise could never expect to see Gabe when she decided to do a piercing on her body, and she was just as shocked and pleased to see him: that ripped, shredded body, masculine look, and undeniable charisma swept her off her feet, and now she's torn between giving in to the lust and fooling around with him and keeping it "casual".

Pierce Me comes with an awesome plot, a dynamic duo of an alpha-male and a super-hot young woman, and a happy ending. If you're a sucker for romantic novels with a great dose of steaming-hot sex scenes, make sure to check out Simone Sowood's latest bestseller. It's fun, fast-paced, engaging and totally satisfying, which means the fans of the genre will most definitely enjoy it.

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