replica-by-lauren-oliverReplica is a certified bestseller in the United States and is slowly, but steadily conquering the international sales charts. This is a science fiction story of epic proportions, one that will leave its mark on the genre. As far as exciting and riveting teen adult fantasy goes, this is one of the best books of the year.

Lauren Oliver created an overwhelmingly amazing, masterfully crafted novel that talks about humanity and identity like never before. The book comes with two stories at once: turn it one way, and you'll get Gemma's story; turn it the other way and enjoy Lyra's story. And you can start reading whenever you want and wherever you want - finish Gemma's tale and move on to Lyra, or read in alternating chapters. Either way, you'll get the ride of your life.

At first, it might seem like the two narratives have nothing to do with each other, but the truth is - they come together at the end and create an unforgettable finale. The experience truly is amazing, and if you're a big fan of modern-day science fiction, you'll most certainly get a mighty kick off Replica. Lyra lives in Haven - a building on a far-away island somewhere off the coast of Florida. From afar, it looks gorgeous and inviting. However, there are soldiers and men in hazard suits roaming the island 24/7.

This is a top-secret research facility where they make replicas of humans. Soon, an attack on Haven allows 2 of their human models to escape. Lyra is one of them. Gemma, on the other hand, is a lonely girl who's been spending more time in hospitals than in her own home. But when a total stranger tries to kidnap her, she starts digging into her family's past and finds out that her dad is connected to Haven...

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