What are the odds or a girl meeting not one royal prince, but two, and both of them being extremely handsome? They're twins, but with a unique attitude, and every young woman out there would kill to spend a night with these good-looking alphas. Now, they both want Ilana, but don't seem to be fighting over her: on the contrary - they are more than willing to share that gorgeous body, and that's an even bigger turn-on for the girl.

You could say that they come as a package deal and you can't have one brother without the other one. This means double pleasure for Ilana, and the biggest question is - will she be able to handle the heat? It's safe to say that if the journalists learn of this relationship, they'll go crazy and turn it into an immoral, scandalous piece. And that is why they have to keep it a secret.

The princess had her heart broken in the past, and how she's kinda afraid of commitments, but who knows, maybe she just didn't find the right guy for the job? Or should we say, guys? Two handsome men at once means trouble, and Ilana has no idea what she's getting herself into; yet, that's part of the charm, and the excitement makes her fantasize about all the dirty and naughty things the three of them will be doing behind closed doors.

This thing could turn into a disaster in a matter of seconds, and, come to think of it, it's not really worth it. At the same time, the princes and the girl are just too young to care about all that nonsense and are more than happy to get burned after losing themselves in the passion. Sharing Beauty is your perfect modern-day fairytale with not one, but two alpha males, a gorgeous princess, and enough love, lust and sexual tension to burn the sheets.

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