someone-to-love-by-mary-baloghMary Balogh, a bestselling, award-winning and highly influential author of countless worldwide hits, is back with a brand-new historical series that's destined to become a fan-favorite. Mr. Westcott has passed away, and he left his family and loved ones a fortune that will greatly affect their lives and change the way they think, dream, hope, and act.

The man had a daughter, and he'd been keeping her a secret that he took with him to the grave. Her name is Anna, and she spent her whole life in an orphanage, never really knowing anything about her own family or where she was originally from. And now they tell her that she was the daughter of a rich, influential man (the Earl of Riverdale, to be exact) and that she's the official heir to his riches.

Plus, she's super-excited to learn that she's got a family out there, waiting for her. But, she soon realizes that these newly-found relatives don't really like her that much and are not even interested in getting a part of her fortune. At the same time, Avery, a Duke, a man who always keeps his distance and doesn't like to be too close to anybody, finds something exhilarating in Anna and decides to help her out with the difficult "transition" from a simple girl to a proper lady.

Avery does everything in his power to make her feel comfortable and to stand strong against the spoiled London society, and soon he starts to fall in love with her, even though he never thought he could have feelings for someone like her...Someone To Love is a wonderful romantic novel that's both heart-warming and uplifting. Dive into a beautiful world of endless possibilities, Middle-Age London and - naturally – wild romance.

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