Sarah Owens

ISBN: 1611802385

Release: 11/2015


It's safe to say that if you've been looking for recipes for rustic fermented breads, sweets, savories, and more, the latest cookbook by Sarah Owens would be a great pick for you. The critics are praising it non-stop, and the book's got a lot of awards behind its back - all well deserved. Owens had been baking "traditional" baked goods for almost a decade; however, recently she realized that their ingredients are really bad for her health and digestive system.

She knew she had to cut on a lot of her favorite foods and recipes, but, at the same time, she started looking for suitable alternatives that would taste just as good while being healthy. As it soon turned out, sourdough leavening was the answer - it was a huge inspiration for her, enough to write a best-selling book! Next, she launched her own bakery, and that gave her an opportunity to share the newly-found recipes with her family and with the Brooklyn citizens.

Fermented foods these days are becoming more and more popular, as they're not only good for your health but also quite delicious. In Sourdough, the author talks about how easy it can be to bake healthy goods. It doesn't come with ridiculous expenses or years of education - all you need is this book and Sarah's guiding hand.

You can use a home-grown sourdough starter in pretty much everything that comes with a "baked goods" tag on it, including cakes, cookies, tarts - whatever comes to mind. All in all, Sourdough is a wonderful cookbook for all those folks who want to enjoy their favorite bread/cake/cookie and still take care of their health. The book comes with delicious recipes, funny, uplifting stories and tons of useful info on grains, herbs, veggies and fruits.

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