The Borgias

Alexandre Dumas

ISBN: 1587159732

Release: 01/1970

The Borgias by Alexandre Dumas

Dumas, in truth, composed his 'Crimes Celebres' fair earlier to propelling upon his brilliant arrangement of chronicled books, and they may in this manner be considered as source books, whence he was to draw so much of that far-reaching and hint information of internal history which has perpetually shocked his perusers. The Wrongdoings were distributed in Paris, in 1839-40, in eight volumes, comprising eighteen titles--all of which presently show up within the display carefully interpreted text. The victory of the initial work was immediate. Dumas laughingly said that he thought he had depleted the subject of celebrated violations, until the work was off the press, when he quickly got to be deluged with letters from each territory in France, providing him with fabric upon other deeds of viciousness! The subjects which he has chosen, in any case, are of both memorable and emotional significance, and they have the included esteem of giving the cutting edge peruser a clear picture of the state of semi-lawlessness which existed in Europe.

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