The Crown (The selection Book 5) by Kiera Cass

The- Crown-The-selection-Book-5-by-Kiera-Cass-epub-mobiIn the previous book of The Selection series, began a new story – the story of America's daughter. Twenty years have passed since Prince Maxon married Eadlyn mother. And now Eadlin must finish her own Selection. But for now is something different. Eadlyn did not think that she capable of finding her true love among 35 candidates.

But in rare occasions, your heart can surprise you very much. The never expecting fillings rise on in her chest, and princes will make a really difficult choice. It will be more important than Eadlin thought in the beginning. In The Crown novel, she must make her final and Ultimate chose. Who it will - the luckiest guy?

The Crown starts the next day after the events of book 4 of The Selection series. All palace is in disarray, especially after America Singer suffered from the heart. She was hospitalized and kept in the hospital part of the King's palace. Meanwhile, Eadlyn announces that she will reduce the Selected competitors down to a 6 person. The so called Elites are Gunner, Kile, Ean, Hale, Fox, Henri combined with translator Erik.

Eadlyn reveals that King Maxon decided to remain near his wife’s bed until her full recovery. During that day, the Eadlyn will be a regent of the country. The king has not hurry to reclaim his position, so his daughter has much more responsibilities.

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