The-Girl-With-The-Lower-Back-Tattoo-By-Amy-SchumerThe Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is a smart, funny, intimate collection of little stories and essays about pretty much everything that goes on in the world. Amy Schumer, the woman who wrote this wonderful book, is an award-winning stand-up comedian and writer, and her recent appearance on the big screen with Trainwreck earned a lot of praise from the best critics out there. So, now she's back with more funny and crazy stories that we all desperately need. This book is a fine collection of Amy's own experiences and tales from the past, back when she was just a kid, a young lady, and then a grown woman.

She's got stories about her family, her failed relationships with men, love, and sex - all of it. She's a very brave woman, someone who can stand up and say out loud whatever she's thinking right now without trying to hide who she really is. She shares with the world what she believes in, and makes us all laugh while doing that.

Amy is constantly switching it up - from crazy to romantic, from heartbreaking to ridiculous. And her brand-new book doesn't feel like a traditional, or, rather, conventional bunch of stories. It's more like having a drink with your old friend and hearing all kinds of amazing stories from her. It's a highly entertaining, exciting and funny monologue, an awesome adventure into the world of Amy Schumer.

The author is sharing her views on men, women, falling in love, getting married, being insecure, fighting your own demons and staying true to yourself. She's a bright-minded, big-hearted and courageous woman, an inspiration to millions of young ladies around the world, and this book is her ultimate manual on how to be yourself and enjoy life.

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