Brittany Cavallaro is back, dear readers, and she's got a spicy new mystery thriller to devour on the weekend. The Last of August follows Charlotte, the main character of the story, and Jamie, her sidekick on their cross-European journey to unveil a mighty web of unexpected truths about the now-legendary families - Holmes and Moriarty.

These adventurers are big fans of secrets and are excited to get right into the beast's den, so to speak. They're currently residing in Sussex and are trying to get the most out of a winter break. The dynamic duo was almost killed in fall, so now they're just hoping to get some rest from all the craziness that's going on around them and to get back on their feet.

But, what was supposed to be a nice getaway turns into quite a pickle, and the growing affection and attraction between the detective-wannabees is one of the biggest challenges for both of 'em. Soon, Charlotte learns that her uncle is reported missing from his gorgeous mansion, and she immediately hops back on that rollercoaster and starts to look for answers.

Nobody knows what really happened to the gentleman, but his family claims that the oldster was extremely private about his recent endeavors. This "tip" sends Charlotte and Moriarty on a hazardous trip to Berlin, the city's underground life and all the way to Prague and its antique, lovely art houses. It's safe to say that this case will make them both re-evaluate everything they thought they knew about their relatives, themselves, and, of course, each other. The Last of August is an old-fashioned mystery detective that masterfully mixes romance with crime and big revelations with fun and joy.

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