The biggest fans of the legendary franchise are aware that this tale is the final chapter in the Vicomte of Bragelonne series. The story is built on the fact that Philippe, the twin bruv of Louis XIV himself, was turned into a captive from birth by his own parents. They thought that they were doing a good thing for the country and told themselves that it was for the prosperity of the country.

There are only two living souls that know about the man's existence - his momma, Anne, and an oblivious Duchesse. It was the Duchesse that told Aramis about it when they were madly in love with each other. Aramis, in turn, decides to topple Louis and to place his brother as the new king. Obviously, Fouquet and himself will be the real kings of France, which is a win-win for both men.

Soon, Aramis makes sure that Philippe escapes from prison, while Colbert is trying to persuade Louis to let Fouquet go. Still, the king wishes to visit his superintendent and to participate in the fancy party, and that's when Aramis kidnaps him and put his in the same cell that Philippe used to live in for his whole life. Next, he puts the twin bruv on the throne.

Three Musketeers series:
1. The three musketeers
2. Twenty years after
3. The Vicomte of Bragelonne. Ten Years Later (4 parts):
- The Vicomte of Bragelonne
- Ten Years Later
- Louise de la Vallière
- The man in the iron mask

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He decides to confide in Fouquet and tells him about the "switch", hoping that he'll appreciate the trust and will join forces. However, Fouquet claims that he's loyal to the real king and saves him from eternal imprisonment: he rescues the kid and escorts him back to France. Aramis is quick to flee and hides in Belle Île....The Man in the Iron Mask is a great historical romance that will be appreciated by the fans of authentic, adventurous, funny and engaging stories.

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