The One (The selection Book 3) by Kiera Cass

The-One-The-selection-Book-3-by-Kiera-Cass-epub-mobiWant to know who will become the new queen of Illea? The One novel starts in the middle of an attack on the palace taken by the rebels. There are only 4 girls remains who can be the future queen. America has won the citizens' hearts because of her bravery. Instead of that, the king trying to do everything to lower her chance of success.

During the competition for the Maxon's love, several serious events happen. The first of them is the death of America's father. The second is her visit of the rebels lair outside the city and her feelings to Aspen change very fast. As a result, the rebels of the South begin their attacks...

It is the final book of the original trilogy written by Kiera Cass. In this book, the author has displayed a beautiful balance of romance and politics. The worldbuilding is on the highest possible level of the character development too – they gain a serious level of maturity. All parts of the third book of The Selection series fitted together very well. And in the top of it, you will find an interesting story.

Many readers were puzzled about the triangle in the earlier books of The Selection series. And it is really well handled here. Moreover, the America finally resolved her dilemma for the 2 men. It happens after a date in the rain in which all of them had an open talk. Regardless of the result of this date – there will be many unpredictable moments in the book 3 of The Selection series. America Singer will make some mistakes. Because many humans make mistakes.

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