The-Prince-and-the-Pauper-by-Mark-TwainThe Prince and the Pauper is the 1st novel in the genre of historical fiction by one of America's best authors - Mark Twain. The book first saw the light of day in 1881. The story is set in 16th-century England, and it's about 2 boys who look exactly the same - a pauper and a prince. Tom, the pauper, comes from a miserable family, but he's always been dreaming about a greater life for himself, and, walking around the gates of the palace once, he notices the prince.

He comes too close to the royal boy and is almost caught by the guards. But the prince - Edward - tells them to let go of him and even invites the boy inside. That's when the 2 boys get acquainted and shocked by how much their lives differ despite the fact that they look like twins. Soon, they plan to dress as each other and have some fun.

The prince leaves the palace and arrives at Tom's house, where he experiences the boy's father's brutality first-hand. However, he manages to run away and meets a soldier who's getting back from war. Obviously, he doesn't believe that the boy is actually the prince, but he does agree to protect him. At the same time, the king dies, and Edward is now proclaimed as the new king. Tom, who's now dressed as the king, tries to act like one, and the staff thinks that he's just suffering from memory loss after his father's departure.

Meanwhile, Edward, who's traveling through the English lands, becomes a witness to class inequality and sees the destructive, abusive judicial system and decides to be a merciful king when he gets back to the throne. At the end, the young boys change their clothes once again and Edward makes Tom the right hand.

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