The Prince (The selection novella) by Kiera Cass

The- Prince -The-selection-novella-by-Kiera-Cass-epub-mobiThe Prince starts before 35 girls were chosen to the Selection. This novella tells us about the time when Aspen has not had time to break America Singers's heart. Before you one more beautiful story of The Selection series.

The Selection has not been started yet, but it makes Prince Maxon nervous already. The prince went to his father's study. It is Maxon's 19th birthday and King Clarkson gives a cuff links to him. This gift is not very original. The father gave him cufflinks on Christmas already.

King Clarkson sees that the Prince is very nervous before Selection and tries to calm him. When Queen Amberly, entering the king's study, she wishes her son a happy birthday. Moreover, Amberly says very quietly that Maxon's main gift will be coming very soon.

Then the party begins and prince sees a Daphne. She is from France and Maxon knows her very well. They were very close being the children. But now all is different. King Clarkson sees the Maxon's curiosity and mentions that the girl is really nice, and it is very pitiful that Daphne could not go to the Selection.

Daphne confronts Prince very soon. She asks why he avoids her. Maybe he wants to dance with her? That’s how very awkward conversation begins. Can Maxon forget Daphne when the Selection begins? Try to read The Prince novella by Kiera Cass and know the truth.

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