Ruth Ware

ISBN: 1501132938

Release: 07/2016


The Woman In Cabin 10 is the latest offering from Ruth Ware, a best-selling author who writes one of the best suspenseful and chilling novels in modern-day literature. This time around, the main character, Lo, is stuck in the middle of the sea and there's no way out. She's a young journalist who's working for a regular travel magazine. So, what's she doing in the sea? She was lucky enough to get the most amazing assignment - a whole week on a breath-taking cruise!

It all starts like the perfect adventure: the water's calm, the sun is shining, and the few guests step onto the ship to enjoy their fascinating trip in the North Sea. The cabins are breath-taking, the food is awesome, and the people on the ship are nothing but pleasant. Lo is really enjoying her voyage, but soon dark skies arrive, fierce winds whip the ship and the girl sees something truly horrifying - somebody throws a woman off the board! Obviously, Lo is scared to death, but what should she do?

After that terrible event, the Aurora (that's the ship's name) keeps on sailing as if everything is going the way it's supposed to. However, Lo is determined to find out what's wrong with the ship and the crew. She's trying to prove that something's gone really, really, wrong. The Woman In Cabin 10 is full of surprising twists, unexpected turns and provides an intense, one-of-a-kind experience that the fans of suspense and mystery novels will most certainly appreciate.

Ruth Ware did the impossible - she wrote and even better book than any of her previous ones and even if you've been reading mystery thrillers for your whole life, you'll still think about Lo's experience on that horrifying voyage days after you turn the very last page of The Woman In Cabin 10.

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