Theodore Boone: The Scandal by John Grisham

John-Grisham-The-ScandalTheodore Boone is thirteen years old and he lives in Strattenburg. He has a very good knowledge of all police officers, judges, and even court clerks in his town. Once the Theodore Boone helped policemen to bring an outlaw to the justice. But even the very talented Theodore must go through the statewide unified testing.

Very soon the Theodore finds himself thrown into the deeps of a cheating scandal with that testing system. He made some awful discoveries after finding unusual tips leaving by an anonymous person. The school council sends Theodor to explore a questionable growth in scores at similar to his private school.

So Theodor finds himself thrust into the center of a deception row. His own future is on the thin line. With priceless hints and handy insider information Theodor must follow his most sharp instincts. In his newest case hi will show the world why everybody think about him as about one of the brightest kid lawyer ever lived.

The Scandal written by John Grisham is a new and very best continuation of the Theodore Boone series. The author simply can't make something unworthy the readers attention. The Scandal consists a very great story from many aspects. And moreover it teaches us several ethical and moral lessons

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