Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert-Louis-Stevenson-Treasure-IslandTreasure Island is the exciting story of the adventures of young Jim Hawkins, who accidentally discovered a map of an island where Captain Flint buried his treasure. Flint is a notorious pirate and really not very nice person. In his journey Jim goes along with a couple of friends. Together they try to find out the exact location of the treasure. But their great plans are thwarted by a group of pirates who served under Captain Flint flag. The evil captain wants all treasures for himself.

By pure coincidence, Jim finds out plans of Captain Flint and his crew. He must play a very dangerous game. So he plays and win. But the battle is not over yet. They will be a fierce fight between the two groups of treasure seekers, where Jim will be finally captured by the pirates. Do no think that Jim's fate will be not pleasant one. Suddenly the story will take a very surprising turn...

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) lived a very adventurous life. He made many trips (including journey to Hawaii) and moved from Scotland to an archipelago north of New Zealand (Samoa). The writer who lived so dangerously and interesting life can't be boring. Try to read Treasure Island written by Robert Stevenson and enjoy the great story, memorable characters and surprising events.

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