what-light-by-jay-asherAre you looking for that perfect holiday romance that's both heart-wrenching and healing at the same time? Mr. Jay Asher knows exactly what you need! He's got What Light, a brand-new bestseller that will make you laugh, cry and believe in love like never before. This is a wonderful story of love and forgiveness from an award-winning author that will simply blow you away. Sierra, the main character of the book, lives in Oregon, and her family owns a Christmas tree farm.

It's probably one of the best "settings" for a young girl to grow up in, but it's not all that simple: every single year, the family packs everything up and goes to California - to set up their beautiful Christmas tree lot for the whole season. So, as a result, the little girl is living two separate lives.

The first one is in Oregon, and the second one is in Cali. And it's always really hard to say goodbye to either one. However, this year is gonna be special for her, because she meets Caleb. And he's not a prince on a white horse or anything - he's actually got a so-so reputation. The thing is, a long time ago, he made a horrible mistake and is forced to pay for it every single day.

But, Sierra is strong enough to skip the rumors and see beyond the guy's mistakes from the past. She wants to help him find forgiveness, and slowly, she falls in love with him, and he falls in love with her. Together, they find the most important thing in life - true love. What Light is a touching, moving love story that will linger on long after you turn that very last page. Jay Asher managed to create a captivating, deeply intimate and honest story that will most certainly resonate with the readers.

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