Winter Storms (Winter Street)

Elin Hilderbrand

ISBN: 0316261173

Release: 10/2016

Winter Storms (Winter Street) by Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbrand created a lot of international buzz when she first introduced the Winter Street Trilogy. The critics praised the author's heart-warming, captivating narrative, the cast of amazing characters and the brilliant writing style. The fans will be equally sad and happy to learn that Winter Storms is the final chapter in the series, the grand finale.

The Quinn family has been through a lot in these last couple of years, but, no matter what, they're still trying their best to be together and to stand strong on both feet. After a crazy year of finding herself and falling for an old Santa, Mitzi is finally back to her usual self. Kevin is running a booming new business, plus, he's absolutely ready to make his love towards Isabelle official. Patrick will be a free man again soon, and he's happy to come back home.

And last, but not least, Bart, who's currently fighting for his life in Afghanistan - the enemy captured him a while ago - is believed to be rescued soon. However, all those good news are saddened by a couple of "dark clouds" that are hovering over the Quinns. Jennifer can't find the strength to fight her addiction to the drugs that she developed while Patrick was in jail. Ava doesn't know which one of her two lovers to be with, even though she had to make that choice a long time ago.

Still, Christmas is the one and only holiday that, despite everything, brings the Quinns together. Furthermore, this time around, the celebration is going to be bigger than ever, as Kevin and Isabelle are about to get married. But, just when they're all about to come together, a terrifying blizzard "attacks" Nantucket, and there seems to be no way for the Quinns to see each other on this very special day.

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