Black Flags is the "hero" of the recent Pulitzer Prize awards, and Mr. Joby Warrick, the author, talks about the concept behind ISIS - the deadliest terrorist group, the strongest and most brutal enemy of modern times. It all started in Jordan when the government officials set free a bunch of prisoners at the end of the 20th century. Among them was the leader of the Radical Islam movement, the genius behind the ISIS group and the man responsible for all the horrifying terror attacks in Europe, America, and, of course. the Middle East.

This book shows how the terrible strategic mistakes by the oval house and the secret service lead to the creation of the strongest Radical group of terrorists that conquered huge parts of Iraq, Libya and Syria. President Obama and his predecessor, George Bush, could have stopped the rise before it even began, but they failed to do their jobs. A-Zarqawi, the man who's known as the leader of the Middle-Eastern group of terrorists, used to rule the beast from his hiding spot in Iraq.

However, when the United States invaded the country, they practically gave him the green light to get out of hiding and expand his influence to the neighboring countries. The American officials pictured him as the successor of bin Laden and Saddam, which automatically made radicals from all over the globe join his cause and pledge allegiance. Al-Zarqawi's army enslaved, raped and killed countless people, and the US military managed to find and kill him only in 2006.

However, that didn't stop the terrorists - it only made them stronger and more determined. His followers managed to get back on their feet, and, when the civil war in Syria started, ISIS became a dominant force in the region, partially thanks to the US who stood by and did nothing. Black Flags is the shocking and honest history of ISIS - their rise to power, ideology. and brutality.


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