The Apology of Socrates, written by Plato, is a Socratic dialogue of the speech of legal self-defence which Socrates spoke at his trial for impiety and corruption in 399 BCE. The Apology of Socrates begins with Socrates addressing the jury...

Ethan Frome

Edith Wharton

Ethan Frome is a 1911 book by American author Edith Wharton. It is set in the fictitious town of Starkfield, Massachusetts. The novel was adapted into a film, Ethan Frome, in 1993. 


Bram Stoker

The work presents James Malcolm Rymer and Emily Gerard's alternative dreams about Dracula. The work also revisits Stoker's notes and Dracula's opening scene. Dracula's Guest is reviewed and ideas are expressed in the book. Also, Reviews and Reactions...

The Idiot

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Returning from a sanitarium held in Switzerland, Prince Myshkin finds himself in an interesting love triangle. There are two women in the story, Nastasya and Aglaia. Nastasya is infamous, Aglaia is hungry for money. In this interesting spiral of love...

Old Granny Fox

Thornton Waldo Burgess

Winter has come now. Forests and meadows covered with snow. But the situation is bad. Because Reddy Fox and Granny Fox need to find food. As always, Reddy is alert and full of ideas. He thinks to break into Farmer Brown's place and steal his chickens...

The King in Yellow

Robert William Chambers

Published in 1895, The Kind in Yellow is a short story book. Written by Robert W. Chambers, this book contains extremely interesting and bizarre stories. The book has been called "a supernatural classic" by critics and received full marks. There are...

Les Misérables

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo's unforgettable work, Les Misérables, tells the story of a peasant stealing bread, Jean Valjean. Famous writer Victor Hugo takes readers to the uprising of 1832 and introduces the dirty streets of Paris in this book. Written with a...

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott

Readers of all ages, young and old, have admired Louisa May Alcott's most popular novel, Little Women (March Sister). This novel deals with events between tomboy and author Jo, Meg and Beth. This story, set in New England during Civil War, deals with...

The Jungle

Upton Sinclair

For about a century, the first form of Upton Sinclair's exemplary novel has remained on the whole obscure. At the point when it was distributed in sequential structure in 1905, it was a full third longer than the blue-penciled, business version distr...

Hadji Murad

Lev Tolstoy

In 1851 Lev Tolstoy enrolled in the Russian armed force and was sent to the Caucasus to help rout the Chechens. During this war an extraordinary Avar clan leader, Hadji Murad, broke with the Chechen head Shamil and fled to the Russians for security....