Mr. Hansen is one of those handsome single fathers that pretty much every single woman out there dreams of. He's lean, mean, hard-boiled and stunning. At the same time, he's cocky, arrogant, and thinks that the whole world belongs to him. Oh, and one more thing: he's her boss and a lot older than her. And that practically means she'll have to forget about him and never ever think of the man as a potential lover/sex partner/whatever.

So, who is this girl, exactly? Her name is Octavia, and she's slowly falling in love with her employer. He's the kind of a man that grown-ass ladies whisper to each other about and giggle like little girls whenever he passes by. Matt is big, bulky, tall, and has that mysterious vibe that women really love.

The man has recently arrived in the tiny town and fixing cars is all he knows and loves to do. Now, it's kinda hard to work and take care of your child, and that is why he hired Octavia, his brand-new nanny. The young woman really needed this gig, so, she said "Yes" without giving it much thought. The only downside to this deal - the man is a moron, a big-time brute, with no manners and respect for the opposite sex whatsoever.

Making a girl feel comfortable in his home? No, he's never heard of that. At the same time, he's got a perfectly ripped body and looks like a movie star, which is why Octavia is not quick to leave. Falling for the employer has never been a part of the deal, and none of them really needs the drama that will come with it. But she can't control herself anymore - she gotta have a bite of that "mountain man vibe". Caveman is a standalone erotic/romantic novel that features a rough-tough caveman-of-a-mechanic and a beautiful young nanny.

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