M. R. Carey

ISBN: 0356500152

Release: 06/2014


The Girl With All the Gifts is a breathtaking and heart-pounding thriller. It's action-packed, suspenseful and riveting from the first page to the very last one. Melanie, the main character of the book, is a special girl - a very special one. Her doctor calls her a "little genius", but, in reality, everybody's afraid of Melanie. Every day she has to deal with numerous limitations and restraints.

She lives in a cell and is never allowed to go outside alone. Furthermore, they constantly strap her into a wheelchair while the Sergeant is pointing his gun at her. All the girl can do is joke and say that she won't hurt anybody, but they don't believe her. They're treating Melanie like an animal, a beast, a lethal weapon. So, who is she exactly, and why are grown man with guns so afraid of a little girl?

She loves to go to school, to learn about new things and tell her teacher about everything that's going on inside her tiny head. You could call it a fantastic story, or a horror story, but it's neither -or, rather, it's both. The book is full of unexpected twists, turns, and jaw-dropping moments. The story is set in the United Kingdom, and, what seems like an ordinary world with kids and schools turns out to be a post-apocalyptic reality with kids who have to live in separate cells and be isolated from the rest of the world.

M. R. Carey, the author of The Girl With All the Gifts, created a brilliant thriller that will haunt you long after you finish it. It's perfect for a nice evening read, but keep in mind that you might spend the whole night reading it and/or lose your sleep over it! Yes, it's that addictive. You've been officially warned!

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