Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

Fool-Me-Once-2-by-Harlan-Coben-epub-mobiHarlan Coben delivers his next impossible-to-put-down thriller.

Former special ops pilot Maya sees an unbelievable video taken by her nanny while she is at work. On the image, her little daughter is playing with woman’s dead husband. It is unthinkable. Joe was killed several days ago.

Maya does not know what to do. She can't even think about what is going on. Are her own eyes can see not existing things? Maybe she is going mad? Maya must deceit in her dark past before she can find an unbelievable truth. It will be truth not only about Maya's "dead" husband but about herself.

Harlan Coben one more time proves himself an expert in giving the reader one scenario after another, leading him to one set of conclusions and then yanking these away for a different bunch of evidence.

The conclusion is very logical. It is the result of everything established. It is almost the perfect book. It has its own charm and individuality. When you finish this book you became a fan of Harlan Coben's works forever.

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