Girls on Fire: A Novel by Robin Wasserman

Girls-on-Fire-Robin-WassermanOn Halloween night, a highly one popular basketball player from high school disappears somewhere in the wilderness of Pennsylvania state. It was somewhere near Battle Creek. After 60 hours the dead body will be found with the gun in hand and bullet inside his brain. It is really disturbing news. This region is famous for its Satanic church.

As a result of this bloody discovery incident, Hannah Dexter find a really nice friend in dark-eyed, charismatic, and very seductive Lacey Champlain. She builds a rapid and close bond with the, especially susceptible Hannah. So Lacey making her over in her own image. Dark-eyed girl loosening an ardent resistance and it is not that she expects of Hannah.

Step by step Lacey takes Hannah away from her quite life putting her into a mad existence filled with rebel fillings, great obsession, and higher risk. Sometime after the Hannah will know the main secret of Lacey's past. So her peaceful life became a dreadful dream.

Girls on Fire was written by Robin Wasserman it is not a novel about love only. It will shock you in the end with unexpected turns. Also, it is a book about an unhealthy friendship between two young women. About their fillings. Dream, and how they fit with the reality.

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