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North and South

Elizabeth Gaskell

The international critics are calling North and South a true masterpiece of English literature and one of the finest works by Elizabeth Gaskell. It's worth mentioning that this novel was turned into a television show not once, but twice - in '75 and...

The Innocents Abroad

Mark Twain

The Innocents Abroad first saw the light of day back in 1869. It's a travel book by none other than Mark Twain, one of the most cherished and loved American authors. It's worth mentioning that this book is one of the all-time best-sellers in the...

Innocence: A Novel

Dean Koontz

He lives in solitude beneath the city, an exile from society, which will destroy him if he is ever seen. She dwells in seclusion, a fugitive from enemies who will do her harm if she is ever found.   But the bond between them runs deeper than t...

The Magic of Oz

Lyman Frank Baum

Come on, we all know and love the Oz universe, and it's safe to say that as far as legendary children’s books go, this mighty series is most definitely one of the greatest ones out there. L. Frank Baum created a true masterpiece that is still r...

Married to the Mob 2: A Black Mafia Love Affair

Mz. Lady P

Married to the Mob created a lot of buzz around the web when Mz. Lady P first introduced us to this top-class family, and now the official sequel is on the shelves. The three girls from the first part are now officially the wives of the mob bosses, a...