Lucian's True History

Samosata Lucian

ISBN: 1482589362

Release: 06/2014

Lucian's True History by Samosata Lucian

Genuine Stories or Genuine Fictions could be a spoof of travel stories, by the Greek-speaking Assyrian creator Lucian of Samosata, the most punctual known fiction approximately voyaging to external space, alien life-forms and interplanetary fighting. Composed within the 2nd century, the novel has been alluded to as "the primary known content that can be called science fiction". The work was aiming by Lucian as a parody against modern and antiquated sources, which cite phenomenal and legendary occasions as truth. Lucian's Genuine Stories escapes a clear-cut scholarly classification. Its multilayered character has given rise to elucidations as assorted as science fiction, daydream, parody or spoof, depending on how much significance researchers join to Lucian's unequivocal purposeful of telling a story of deceptions.

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