Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel by Jessica Knoll

Luckiest-Girl-Alive-A-Novel-by-Jessica-Knoll-An entire study period at the prestigious school for teens has become the worst stage in life of the main character. Now she has a perfect life. Ani FaNelli applied for a successful position at work. Also, she has many expensive cosmetics and clothes, beautiful fiance – who is the love of all her life. Ani lives in a prestigious area and works hard to keep all of her achievements.

But there is one secret. From the first pages of the novel it becomes clear that the main character had a bad past. Ani cannot forget her past. Some secret things haunt her in nightmares every night. Her secrets are very personal and she cannot share them with anyone, because it might ruin her perfect life.

The image of the main character of the novel has a lot of similarities with the way many women are living, who had many bad things in their lives. Be ready to learn Ani better. All scandalous secrets and horrific events of the FaNelli’s past will be reveal while you will read the book.

Only one thing is unknown. Does she lose everything or choose to reveal her secrets? Will Ani be free of her fears? That is the main question of the book.

Ani gets an offer to play in a documentary. Its been thirteen years after the terrible events at the prestigious school in Philadelphia. The aim of documentary is disclosure of the incident details. The girl has a great opportunity to express her point of view in that story.

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