Milk-And-Honey-By-Rupi-KaurRupi Kaur is a highly talented and inspirational writer and poet who talks about love, faith,hope, and happiness in the most refreshing, intriguing way. She's constantly being called by the critics the voice of her generation and her poems will live on and on even after she leaves this planet for a better one. Milk and Honey is her latest collection of poetry about the hard life, the struggle and the strength that we all have in ourselves.

It's about brutality, violence, lost hopes, love and the power of healing. The book consists of 4 chapters, and each one is dedicated to a certain theme, talks about a unique kind of pain and offers unique ways of healing. This book is an ode to the strong-willed, tough, tenacious ladies, who, despite the bitter-sweet life, keep on going and find joy and meaning in this world.

The author takes us through a journey, focuses on the most difficult moments in life and shows that even when it seems like all hope is lost, there's still a light at the end of the tunnel, there's a sweetness in that darkness. All you have to do is look harder and notice it. Kaur's book is a must-have in every woman's library. It's like the perfect collective experience from countless modern-day ladies.

The author's original sketches add up to the picture and allow you to dive into a world of honest, pure monologues that are equally relatable, practical and beautiful. It's an absolutely vital book for women who need to heal after a difficult period in time and to believe in themselves again. Milk and Honey is a one-in-a-million kind of experience and it's already a best-seller all around the world - make sure to read it as well!

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