Old School - what does that mean? Sure, we've all used that term more than once in our lives, but do we really know what that stands for? It's all about values, traditions, and customs, and there's a big effort focused on breaking down all of its virtues. The leaders of the new ways think that Old School is, well, old, and those traditional tenets are not effective these days.

There are some faults to them, no doubt about that, but it doesn't mean we must forget about Old School and switch to the new beliefs and norms. Those that oppose Old School, that good old way of thinking, are called Snowflakes, and their "crusade" against it is now stronger than ever. These folks are constantly appearing on all kinds of TV programs, on the Internet, and elsewhere, crying about the social inequality, the injustice, and all the other bad stuff that make you want to never leave your bed in the morning.

They are in love with Bernie Sanders and think that he would’ve fixed this country, but, in reality, he's just another man talking about things that you can't "handle" in a year or two. Yes, government pay sounds great, but what about the consequences? The Snowflakes are all about talking trash and never ever take the time to really get to know the Old ways. So, where do we all fit in this confrontation?

Well, if you wake up in the morning full of strength and hope, if you get to work on time and do more today than you did yesterday, then you’re a certified Old School guy/gal, and that's awesome! Old School - Life in the Sane Lane is a vital book for the modern-day generation of misfits and whiners. Social science allows us to look at ourselves from a different angle, and that is why Bill O'Reilly's brand-new bestseller is a must-have!

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