pharaoh-by-wilbur-smithWilbur Smith, an award-winning and bestselling author, returns with Pharaoh, a gripping, thrilling and game-changing new action-packed novel that puts Ancient Egypt on the spot like never before. The country is under attack, the Pharaoh is deadly wounded, and there's nothing anyone can do. Luxor, a centuries-old city, is surrounded, and there's no way out - only surrender.

It seems like all the Pharaoh's number one advisor, Taita, can do is get ready for the enemy's final mortal strike. However, there still might be hope in the name of this brilliant man who used to be just another slave in Egypt. Currently, he's the leader of the Pharaoh's army, and he's got an extraordinary plan that might just save the city and everyone in it. This is the darkest hour for Egypt, and only a slave can change the tide.

Fortunately, when the good-old ally comes to the rescue, the balance drastically shifts, and the Egyptians crash the attackers on every step of the way. But, strangely enough, when he returns to the city and brings victory and glory, they take everything away from him and call him a traitor to Egypt. As it soon turns out, Tamose couldn't be saved, and that means that even darker times are upon the great country.

There's a new Pharaoh on the horizon, and, if Taita fails to stop him, there's gonna be more bloodshed and horrors than ever before. Wilbur Smith delivered an intense, action-charged and captivating novel that takes us back in history when Ancient Egypt was the ruler of all lands. The author "strikes" the readers with a brilliant story, a rich cast of characters and an awesome, epic atmosphere that is present on every single page.

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