Corinne Michaels

ISBN: 1635760909

Release: 03/2017


Corinne Michaels, a bestselling author with a unique writing style and countless fans around the world, did a wonderful job with Say I'm Yours, a brilliant romantic story with enough heat to put your house on fire. Grace has been in love with Trent for the last 2 decades, but he still doesn't notice her. All of her efforts were for nothing, and he just kept on ignoring her affection.
He never opened up to her, not even a little bit, and his cold heart has sent her away. For all those years, Grace had been invisible, but she wants to put a stop to that. It's time for her to finally let go of the past and move on with her life, find her things (and people) to be obsessed about. That's when she meets Cooper, pretty much the sexiest, kindest and mightiest fella that she could ever dream about.
Yes, he's a perfect man, and it took them one single dance to fall in love with each other. So, Grace is super excited and happy to finally meet the right guy and is more than confident that everything is going to be great this time. An ideal man like Cooper is the only thing that could help her forget about Trent and dedicate herself to the future, not the past. After all, it's been 20 years!
But, as it soon turns out, there are some things in this life that you can't just erase and walk away from, and for Grace, Trent is that special someone - she'll keep loving him to the end of days. So, where does that leave her and Cooper? Say I'm Yours is a heart-breaking, emotional, sizzling hot and rewarding novel that will leave you speechless. You'll find yourself thinking about this book and its lovely characters long after you finish the story.

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