Epic historical fantasies are really popular with teens these days, and authors like Evelyn Skye are taking the genre to the next level. The Crown's Fate is a fascinating, gripping and riveting story. Magic is growing stronger with each passing moment, and the shadows are rising. Big changes are coming for Russia.

Pasha is about to be crowned, and Vika is doing fine as an Enchanter, but her calling, her destiny will soon prove to be much more difficult than she could ever think. At the same time, Pasha is trying to handle the rumors that he's not a legitimate king, cope with the loss of his best friend and make the girl that despises him see his side of things and come back to him.

Magic is turning into a big problem for the country, and with countless folks trying to take the throne away from Pasha, he must do whatever's necessary to keep peace and order in his kingdom. This isn't about democracy, being a good king or a bad king: this is about survival, and only Pasha can lead his people into a bright and prosperous future.

Meanwhile, Nikolai is fighting his own demons: he did the impossible and tricked death, but now he's all alone, living like a shadow in his own, fake world. There is a way for him to get back into the real world, but it comes at a prize. So, he'll need to decide once and for all whether it's worth it or not. These three heroes will have to gather their strength, stand strong on both feet and fight to protect their kingdom and themselves. Evelyn Skye wrote a true page-turner, an exciting, thrilling historical fantasy that will linger on and on after you finish it.

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