The-Final-Day-By-William-R.-ForstchenThe Final Day is a gripping, riveting action/adventure post-apocalyptic thriller that will get you hooked up in a jiffy. It's been two years since nukes blew up over America. Welcome to Black Mountain, a townlet in NC. It's been through a lot since that fateful day, and the residents had to deal with a civil war, numerous deaths and complete and utter devastation.

Matherson, the leader of a rebellious community, managed to beat the new autocratic government, and now they've got an even greater task: to bring the world back to normal, to restore what has been lost and to get back on their feet after the EMPs changed it all. At first, it seemed like the crew was doing alright, but the peace and stability were never going to last.

There's a new, crazy government, and it's about to take over the better half of planet Earth. There's no constitution, no rights, no democracy - none of that. The official army is weak and broken, and it's only good for suppressing the rebels from all the states. Matherson feels that the fight is coming their way, and they need to be ready. General Scales, an honest, God-fearing man and John's officer from before the war, is the one that's coming for him.

But is the freedom-fighter going to surrender that easily? Or maybe the revolution is about to strike harder than ever and finally take back control over what once used to be a great country? The EMP robbed humanity of electricity and brought America to its knees. Darkness, chaos, starvation and fear are running the show now, but people like Matherson are still giving people hope for a greater future.

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