The-Last-Days-Of-Night-By-Graham-MooreThe Last Days of Night is a fascinating new novel that's based on real-world events and tells an amazing story about the people who were fighting for the right to bring electricity into every single American home. It's a book about great achievements, genius, big dreams and big achievements. Graham Moore delivers a must-read with this one, a brilliant portrait of this country's bright minds and inventors. The book takes us more than a century back in history when gas lamps are still being used to light up the streets of the United States.

At the same time, the pioneers are working on something truly fascinating - electric light. And the people who've got the switch that can make a night look like a day are about to make history. So, who was it exactly? Who first came up with the idea of a light bulb and holds the right to a nation-wide contract? Is it Westinghouse or Edison? That's exactly what Paul Cravath, a graduate from Law school, will have to figure out.

He gets access to the world of inventors and pioneers, where huge deals are being struck behind closed doors of gorgeous mansions. Paul's job is to prove that Westinghouse should be the one who "lights up the US", but Edison is a rich, dangerous man with unlimited resources. J. P. Morgan is his close friend, and they've got spies and journalists on their payroll. However, Mr. Cravath is set to win - no matter the cost.

But how exactly can a fresh-outta-the-desk lawyer beat Edison himself? In order to be victorious, Paul will have to deal with Nikola Tesla, yet another brilliant pioneer who might be the key to winning the case, and a gorgeous opera singer who turns out to be of great help. Every single person in The Last Days of Night has his/her own agenda, and Paul will have to go through hell to sort through all the lies and win the case against Mr. Edison.

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