John Bradshaw

ISBN: 0465050905

Release: 09/2016


he fans of cats rarely if ever think about training their favorite pets, simply because they don't know it's possible. Furthermore, they don't think that cats need to be trained. However, Mr. John Bradshaw, an acclaimed and bestselling anthropologist, argues that in order to keep your fluffy friend healthy and happy, you'll have to put some work into training him/her. That way, you'll not only become closer with the cat but also help it become stronger, more flexible and ready for all the struggles that may or may not come its way.

Keep in mind that living the urban life in the 21st century is pretty challenging for cats, as they're not really supposed to be locked in 4 walls of your apartment - nature made them wild and free. Cats are hunters, and they don't really like being limited. But, we still make them our "prisoners" and don't actually pay any attention to what they really want and need to be happy.

We carry them in cramped boxes, make them live in the company of scary people and animals and take away the biggest joy in life - their freedom. So, it's no wonder that such a harsh environment leads to angry, scared, frustrated cats. That's exactly why they constantly hide under the bed, act strange and even bite your hands when you're trying to grab them. Fortunately, you can avoid all of that trouble if you just take the time and train your lovely pet(s).

You need to understand that these creatures can't really be tamed and treat them accordingly. Furthermore, try to help them in overcoming their deepest fears and insecurities. The Trainable Cat is one of the greatest manuals out there on how to help your cat be happy in a big-city environment. A must-have for all the cat owners/lovers.

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