Contemporary romance is one of the most popular genres these days, and writers like Laramie Briscoe take it to another level. Trick features Hadley, a young woman whose husband left her about a year ago, and she still can't get over it. And when the official papers for the divorce finally came in, she almost lost it. Then, they sold the house that they used to live together, and that devastated the poor soul even more.

But that's not even the "best" part: the moron moved in with his new damsel and told their teenage daughter that this new bimbo wasn't a big fan of kids in the house. Now, that made Hadley really angry, because Riley feels lost and abandoned, and her mom just can't make her feel better. Living without a man in the house is kinda hard for both of them, and it sure does take some adjustment.

So, Hadley does the last thing she could ever imagine herself doing: she uses a "companion program" that helps teenage girls go through the struggle and deal with their issues. Trick is doing service hours for the state, and he's more than happy to become the new father figure for any troubled girl out there.

Eventually, Hadley asks the counselors to sit with Riley on the meeting, and when she first lays eyes on the guy, she instantly knows that her life is about to change - completely. He's a handsome, tatted fella with that irresistible bad-boy attitude that makes her panties wet - literally. Furthermore, it turns out that he has a big, loving heart, and he wants the teen to feel wanted again. Trick is an A-grade erotic/romantic novel with the best story, characters, and message.

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