Sienna, a lovely young woman, arrived at Aspen Ink hoping to find a temporal "refuge", but she found so much more than that. She found River, the handsome, charismatic, masculine owner of the beautiful shop. It took the man one long look into her mesmerizing eyes to want her more than anything else in the world.

Her gorgeous body with those unbelievable curves, that compelling smile and the passion inside of Sienna made the man forget about everything else and fall in love with her - right there and right then. The mutual attraction is undeniable, and after they spend an Earth-scorching night together, he offers her to stay at the shop and work for him. True, finding his happily after and building a strong, meaningful relationship with a woman used to be the last thing on his mind.

But now that he's got Sienna by his side, he can't help but think that they could, in fact, be each other's soul mates. Her purity and innocence have consumed him, and there's no going back from something like that. She's too sweet and too beautiful to forget about, and it's safe to say that he's not good enough for her.

At the same time, she's got darkness inside of her, and it's trying to take over the girl, turn her into something else. Will his love help Sienna beat her inner demons, or are they only good for destroying each other? Under Her Skin is all about that insta-love awesomeness and features an over-the-top alpha bad-boy that will turn all the ladies on in a matter of seconds. Is that exactly what you've been looking for? Then get your shiny copy and let River show you how it's done!

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