Amanda Cabot

ISBN: 0800720040

Release: 09/2012


Celia, the main character of Christmas Roses, a certified bestseller by Amanda Cabot, is not really expecting any miracles from Christmas. All she wants is a couple more boarders, and they are a rare "commodity" in her tiny mining town. And the one thing that she most definitely doesn't include in her Christmas list of wishes is a new man in her life.

However, when a traveler decides to stay at her hotel, she starts to think that happiness is still in stores for her, and, if she could just find the right man for herself, she'd gladly marry him. She's looking for a man who would love her and bring her roses on Christmas day. Yes, it's nearly impossible to find a bunch of roses when it's snowing outside in Wyoming, but, at the same time, Christmas is known for making real miracles happen just when you expect them the least.

However, the carpenter, the man who "stumbled upon" her boarding house, has his own baggage, and Celia is probably the one and only person in the world who can make him happy again, just like he is the right man for her. He's troubled, and he doesn't really believe that he could start trusting people again or be thankful for the life he's given. So, will Celia get a husband for the holidays, or is it just another "could've been" for her?

Grab a copy of Christmas Roses and find out! There's nothing quite like a good Christmas read, and Amanda Cabot's novel is exactly what you need on a cold winter night. This is a heart-warming, touching, cozy romantic story that will leave you speechless. We all love moving tales about two people finding love and living happily ever after!

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