Magna Carta, and Other Addresses

William D. Guthrie

ISBN: 0530676966

Release: 01/1970

Magna Carta, and Other Addresses by William D. Guthrie

American institutions student must appear regular impressive and instruct and Constitutional members New York state meet paused here Work to celebrate the seven hundredth anniversary of the grown-ups English Lbertes Charter and looking back with respect To the sources and days of our constitutional law when our ancestors laid the foundations of civil liberty and political justice. Indeed, Magna's Carta marked the greatest political period in the history of our race. saved England from being arbitrary and The humiliating despots that emerged after the fall of Europe arising from the feudal system and its principles and structural government, as all these terms grow In the sense of Americans. This ceremony should be highlighted again The great truth that everything has the power to obey and Men's respect must have deep roots in the past and The slower the institutions grow, the more enduring it becomes they are certain to prove. Two hundred and eighteen years ago the royal governor of New York the colony reportedly cried out at his feet: "There you are none of you but you have the privileges of Magna Carta. " Today Mr. Presdent does not grieve with equal strength and pride Not Americans, but bg with Magna privileges Carta? Long may this continue to be true! To prove you are spirit These privileges will last forever as long as manpower is scarce. It is the highest and noble duty of every American state. convention

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