The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie

The-Secret-Adversary-Agatha-ChristieThe Secret Adversary is another very exciting thriller from Agatha Christie. This novel is the first of several books in which Tommy and Tuppence together solving the cases. This book is unlike the others and better-known works of Christie, it is not a crime novel in common sense.

The main characters meet each other after WW1 by chance and decide to open a kind of "agency for all cases". Very soon after opening they come to the case of the Jane Finn, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The last sign of her life came shortly after the sinking of the Lusitania. The woman was registered as one of the survivors.

Different people are looking for this person and everyone has their own motives. Through their investigations, Tommy and Tuppence will be pulled deeper and deeper into this case and one day they will note that the case takes far greater extent than intended in the first place.

Even though this novel is not typical for Christie, you can find her favourite ideas and themes inside The Secret Adversary, which are very popular in many other books of this author. Christie writes from the two perspectives of the main characters Tommy and Tuppence.

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