the-virgin-intern-by-penny-wylderPenny Wylder has a special talent for writing adrenaline-rushing, spicy romantic novels with a healthy dose of sex in them. The Virgin Intern is her latest hot and fabulous book from the Dirty Office Romance series that's just as great as the rest of them. Naomi's uncle told her to stay away from Mr. Finch, the head of the company that she was interning for. And she remembered his words well. She didn't want to get into trouble or mess around - all she wanted to do was to do her job, experience the atmosphere in a "big bad company" and move on.

However, she met him on the very first day at work, and it took her one look into his eyes to be completely mesmerized by him. She thought that men like that don't exist in the real world, but here he was, standing so close to her that she could almost feel his body touching hers. It seemed like his eyes could see right through her and his smile drove her crazy.

And the best thing about it all - Naomi was still a virgin. So, no wonder he had such a strong impression on her. She told herself to listen to what her uncle said and stay away from Mr. Finch, but he was just too good to keep her distance. Furthermore, they didn't just work together, but also lived in the same building! So, when he kindly offered his help with moving in, she knew that something was going to happen that night.

Something did happen, and now Naomi can't stop thinking about him. He's a real alpha-male, and, even though she knows that it will all end badly, she can't stop herself from wanting more and more. The Virgin Intern is a wild romantic novel and a page-turner with just the right amount of naughty to keep things interesting.

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